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Canyoning in Nepal

Canyoning in NepalNepal was opened to the outside world in the 1950s especially soon after the scale of Mt. Everest by Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgey Sherpa in 1953 and as it is famous among the adventures of the world. Nepal is probably one of the best destinations in the world for trekking and mountaineering. As Nepal is expanded east to west between Mt. Kanchenjunga in the east to Api Saipal range in the west, there are over thousand mountain peaks covered by snow all the year. Within the extension of this giant snow mountain range, there are numerous canyons, cascades, waterfalls and caves where Canyoning could be practiced. In late 1990s some canyoneers from France and other part of Europe came to Nepal for Canyoning purpose and visited the Bhote Koshi valley north east from Kathmandu towards the Tibet border. Year after year the interest of canyoneers espacially from France increased even though it was in very small number. In due course of time thankfully two Nepali mountain guides Rajesh Lama Tamang and Kabindra Lama were sponsored by French Embassy in Kathmandu to be first Nepali Canyoneers to undertake a training in France.Likewise as suggested by those French friends some adventure enthusiasts teamed up to set an association to develop Canyoning in professional and that's how Nepal Canyoning Association (NCA) was born in Nepal in the year of 2007. The NCA is a registered association under the law of Nepal as a nonprofit government organization to develop, and monitor Canyoning in Nepal as per the rule of Nepal government

Soon after its establishment, NCA started to promote Canyoning as a new tourism product to be added on Nepal's common adventures such as trekking and mountaineering. NCA conducted press meets, joint meeting with government officials and also other tourism associations and most importantly NCA joined hands with FFC (France and Fédération Française de Spéléologie), France and conducted basic Canyoning training to Nepali Connors' in Bhotekoshi Canyons in 2008. Some members and instructors of FFS later established Himalayan Canyoning Team (HCT) which is NCA's very important international partner and together with the FFC and HCT, NCA conducted another training which was combination of basic and advance . Likewise, NCA-FFS-HCT joined hands to organize International Canyoning Rendezvous (ICR, formally known as RIC) in Nepal in the year of 2011 which will remain as milestone to develop Canyoning not only in Nepal but in the entire Himalayan countries like India, Bhutan, Tibet and possibly other parts of Asia.

Bhotekoshi Valley Canyoning

Bhotekoshi Valley Canyoning site is located some 100 km. outside Kathmandu, on the Araniko Highway. This Canyoning is an ideal trip for those who are keen to attempt in several spots in the same time. Such as, it is also possible to make the trip and return to Kathmandu in one day. If canyoneers prefer to have additional mind blowing trip then we recommend to try world's longest Ultimate Bungy jump and thrilling white water rafting.

Bhotekoshi Canyoning Site
Jombo Khola
Handi Khola
Galung Khola
Kabre Khola

Sunkoshi Canyoning

The village altitude begins at 600m on the Sunkoshi riverbank and rise high up around the top of the Dorjegyang hill. According to government official record, village is 16 miles from the Kavre district headquarter-Dhulikhel. Dhulikhel is 29km from Kathmandu. This village is 6 hours away from the highway and 6 km from the sub winter rough link up to the Koshidekha Village via Palanchok temple. The village situated on the most interesting Timal hill of Kavre District. In this V.D.C. 4500 people live in 459 families. It is a beautiful Tamang village in Kavre district. There are two primary and two lower secondary schools. Health centre with well equipped. The Tamang is a major ethnic hill tribe of Nepal. According to Village development committee figure, there are living Tamang- 85 percent, Brahmin-10 percent, Newar-2.5 percent and mixed-2.5 people. This village is famous for the Buddha - Chita (prayer bead) Mala which very important prayer bid in Buddhism. This prayer beads only gets in Timal around the world. According to local people and Lama, This village is rich in Tamang culture and tradition. Here people are friendly and hospitable. While trekking in this area, we walk high up on spectacular ridges in an area inhabited by Tamangs - an indigenous Buddhists community whose religion is a fusion of Buddhist Lamaism and the Shamanism Bon culture. It is common for a village to have a Lama and a Jhankri (Shaman). Except Tamang, you will have encountered with different ethnic people and experience about socioeconomic situation, lifestyle, and their professions. Moreover, the main attraction of this area is, it gives a wide range of exploration to the travelers.

Canyoning in Kakani

Thrilling adventure of Canyoning is available on the doorstep of Kathmandu, which stunning sites located at Kakani (35 km.) from Kathmandu's ring road. There are two canyons Phung Phunye (185 meter.) and Chhahare (145 meter.) located in the villages of Dhansar and Jurethum in Kakani area. Both the canyons fall in wonderful setting especially from Phung Phungye one can view the Himalayan Panorama of Ganesh Himal as well as Manaslu and Langtang regions while abseiling down from the canyon. There is ample water flow in all season as the area is at the altitude of 1325 meters from sea level which is neither very cold nor very hot. The Canyoning spot is not far from the well known hill station of Kakani famous for day picnic and view lovers. Also the nearby villages do fish farming of world famous Japanese Trout Fish.

Canyoning in Marsyangdi

If you are humbly wondering to do a Canyoning in Nepal then the program of Canyoning in Marsyangdi will be the best option. This canyoyoning spot lies in Marsyangdi valley, gateway to Annapurna circuit trek. This adventure Nepal Canyoning site is superb, very large, particularly strong and wild. More on descend the more technical and more challenge. Marsyangdi valley is a brilliant place to discover the challenging sport of Canyoning and here is already several sites has been explored and developed. Canyoning is generally only available in the mountains, where steep valleys and rushing mountain streams lead to the formation of canyons. This region canyoneers can do both trek and Canyoning in the same time.

Canyoning spots in Marsyandi Valley
Chamche Khola
Kabindra Canyoning
Chipla Canyoning
Gopte canyoining
Raindu Canyoning
Bulbule Canyoning
Syange Canyoning
Jagat Canyonoing
Sansapu Canyoning
Tal Canyoning

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